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The following patients were kind enough to allow us to share their comments about our care.

After having not visited the dentist’s office for many years, I went to see Dr. Patti and her team. Not only did they give me excellent service, they did all they could to make me feel welcome and comfortable. Dr. Patti is a gifted dentist who also possesses the distinct ability to make each and every one of her patients feel special and truly cared for – an attitude that permeates her entire office and each member of her staff, as well. Dr. Patti and her team make a trip to the dentist office something to actually look forward to!
~ Lisa H.

Dr. Froeber and her team are absolutely the best! Dr. Froeber is the ultimate professional but manages, also, to be warm, gentle and caring. If you have dental anxiety, as most of us do, then this is the place for you. Dr. Froeber has a calming presence that will relax and reassure you! The staff works as a team and patient cares seem to be the highest priority. A great dentist and a wonderful person!!!
~ Julie A.

As much as I fear dental work, Dr.Froeber and her team make my visits pain free and enjoyable. Dr. Froeber’s expertise and gentle manner are such a calming presence.
~ Lori

In June 2009 I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and was given an Apnea number of 32. Going the conventional CPAP treatment I soon realized this was not a sustainable option. If I got 4 hours of CPAP time in a night I was doing very well. Then I found Dr. Froeber and talked through the concept of how the mouth device could replace the CPAP. I took a leap of faith and quickly became accustomed to the device and have used it for almost a year. During this time my Apnea score came down to a 5 and my blood pressure is 20 points lower. My wife says I have a steady deep breathing pattern at night. I feel this is a very sustainable option to treating my Sleep Apnea.
~Jeff B

Everthing went great. In the past when I received fillings I remember it being very painful. This time around I didn’t feel a thing. Dr. Froeber has made going back to the dentist something not to fear anymore.
~ Dylan M.

Since having treatment for sleep apnea I have lost 20 pounds because I am sleeping through the night. I look forward to going to bed and used to dread it because I always had trouble falling asleep. Before I had my dental appliance I was conscious of going in and out of sleep and would startle myself awake and would wake others with my snoring. Even the dog is sleeping better because he no longer has to worry about me!
~ Marge S.

Dr. Froeber I need to let you know how the sleep apnea appliance has changed my life! I definitely have more energy, don’t get drowsy during the day, and as far as a friend who I went on a vacation with, I no longer snore. It is also much easier for me to wake up in the mornings. In fact, many times I wake up before the alarm goes off and I’m not tired at all. Thank you very much for your efforts on this. It has definitely helped me.
~ Louis

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with “severe Apnea” and found using the C-PAP machine intolerable. So I went untreated but grew increasingly bothered by daytime sleepiness; my husband worried about my labored breathing when I slept. Having been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I thought I was a long shot for being helped by a dental appliance. I started treatment with an AHI (in index of no breathing or partial breathing), and an RDI (an index of respiratory distress caused by low blood oxygen levels) with an index in the 70’s. But Dr. Froeber, after a thorough assessment, assured me that I could be helped to a large degree. The process of crafting the appliance, with pre- and post- assessment, took only a few weeks, and I can’t believe the immediate relief I have found. Now, from waking until bedtime, I can read, listen to music, watch TV, attend meetings, drive, all without drowsiness or napping. A sleep test shows that my high AHI and RDI are reduced to the teens, and my husband testifies to smooth (and much quieter) breathing when I sleep. My sheltie, Rosie, even finds me nicer to be near at night. I’m grateful that Dr. Froeber felt that no snorer (like me) should be left behind!
~ Marge S.

After 1 year of wearing my oral appliance to help alleviate my snoring, I find that I wake up feeling more rested and no more sore throats. My family and I are all sleeping better and even my dog sleeps better!
~ Brian T.

In the 40 years that I have been a dental technician, Dr. Froeber’s impressions and crown preparations are some of the best I have ever seen and worked with. Because Dr. Froeber pays extra attention to all the details, she makes my job as a technician so much easier. It also gives her patients the quality care they deserve. Working with Dr. Froeber makes my job enjoyable and pleasing. Thank you for all your business and I truly appreciate working with you and serving your patients. Your attention to detail makes us both look great!
~ Dennis F. Lemke, President of Lemke Dental Laboratories, Inc.

I love my sleep apnea dental appliance. I am more rested and cannot remember the last time I wanted to sleep during the day! Treatment was a breeze and it exceeded my expectations. Dr. Froeber really knows what she is doing.
~ Dan A

I feel fortunate to have inherited Dr. Froeber. She is a very caring, compassionate provider. She caters to her patients. The entire staff is very friendly and makes you feel very welcome.
~ Michael P.

It’s wonderful to have a long-term relationship with a dentist who really, really cares – and does the best work possible. The level of trust and professionalism in this practice is outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Patti and her entire staff.
~ Laurie M

I can’t believe what a difference having an oral appliance has made in my life. I didn’t even realize how tired I was until I started getting a really good night sleep. Now I wake up feeling like I actually went to sleep at night. Before I got this device I would wake up 6-8 times a night and never really sleep that deeply. I snored so loudly that when I would go away for a girl’s weekend they put me in the far back room so I wouldn’t keep everyone awake. My husband sleeps better also because he isn’t watching over me making sure I don’t stop breathing for a while. If you have sleep apnea and haven’t tried one of these devices I highly recommend that you do so. It is so much better than a loud machine that is large and hard to transport. I can bring this with me anywhere and never leave home with out it (if I will be gone overnight).

Dr. Patti Froeber has been incredible to work with. She is so caring and helpful and really wants to help make your life better. It is refreshing to meet someone that is so real. She can’t fake the amount of feeling she has for her patients. So stop making excuses and putting things off ~ let Dr. Patti change your life like she changed mine!
~ Theresa

Dr. Froeber is very caring and helps you get through your anxiety over dentistry. Her entire team is wonderful and accommodating to your needs. Dr. Froeber is very professional, caring, and extremely thorough and she really listens to her patients.
~ Kathy F.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED NENG… 180 Degree different result than my last cleaning. I left the last cleaning with my teeth not feeling clean and the previous fluoride treatment was done with the gooey/bumpy stuff. Neng used the soapy stuff and my teeth felt smooth after she’d worked so hard to clean them. She listened to my fears & concerns, she was gentle yet thorough. She made appropriate small talk while she cleaned my teeth and I left feeling on top of the world. Seriously, it improved my mood. I would never want anyone but her to clean my teeth again… treat her well and do not lose her – she’s very good. She sold me the power tooth brush (love it!) and gave me all the benefits of using it. Really professional and a job well done. She understands her craft and applies herself to it.
~ Christine W.

I always enjoy going to Froeber Dentistry. Dr. Froeber is very knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about me as a person and my sleep apnea abatement in particular. Her assistant Katie is a real gem, and I always look forward to my appointments. I have and continue to use the dental appliances as perscribed by Dr. Froeber to prevent snoring. Since using them I no longer snore. I whole heartedly endorse the product and Dr. Froeber.
~ Mark K

I have to say that I HATE THE DENTIST!!! I have not been to a dentist in many, many, many years and I have to say it was an AWESOME visit!!! Deb was fantastic… so pleasant and has a wonderful calming voice. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and that you are not walking into a horrible experience. I cannot remember the name of the gal that took my x-rays, but I totally loved her. She made me laugh and so nice! Dr. Froeber was also excellent. She didn’t make me feel like a “dummy” for not coming to the dentist for so many years. She went through everything I need to have done without it sounding scary and painful.
~ Ann T

Katie, Deb, and Dr. Froeber were all very courteous and have great people skills. That is a change from dentists I have visited in the past. I learned a lot more about how plaque and decay work on the teeth and gums during my visit. I even shared my new knowledge with some of my co-workers when I got to work.
~ Katy S.

The treatment I received for my sleep apnea was a very positive experience. The dental appliance Dr. Froeber made for me has improved the quality of my life. I have not missed a night since I received the appliance in May 2011. I am very satisfied with the results and am able to think more clearly, have sharper thoughts, better sleep and am breathing better. I would highly recommend this treatment.
~ Peter

It is always so wonderful to see Patti and the rest of the team. Even though I only go in twice a year, I feel like everyone knows me and really cares about me, not just as a patient, but as a person as well. Thanks!
~ Mary K.

The first night I tried my sleep appliance it was of course a little foreign to my mouth, however, in about 1/2 hour I was asleep and only woke up once to use the restroom. My husband said he had to check on my because I was so quiet. When I woke up I had no morning stiffness for the first time in a long time feeling fairly refreshed.
I am so pleased with the results. Now that I have been using the oral sleep appliance for quite some time I really sleep through the night now and feel I am sleeping deeper. I used to have a mental fog during the day that seems to have gone away and I have more energy. Also my morning pain has decreased considerably when I wear the appliance.
Thanks again to you – Dr. Froeber and Katie for your perfectionism for the perfect fit of this appliance. Katie is awesome and really knows her stuff!
~ Sue L.

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